David bell

David Bell is a friend of Stephen and is often seen helping Stephen on his time and space adventures.

Appearances Edit

He first appeared as a fictionalized version of himself in the Wrath of Tin-Can (2012) subscribers video and has reprised the role in Total Reboot (2013) and The Infinity Loop (2014). He also portrayed Darth Santa in The Super Happy Holiday Special of Super Duper Happiness (2011) and A Very Votesaxon07 Christmas (2012) before being replaced by Anthony Murney in Santa Claus vs The Hell Beasts (2016).

He appears to have blonde hair and described by Stephen to be unemployed, unattractive, and be utterly useless in every aspect of his life. He is usually seen wearing a light blue sweater, white shirt, dark blue jeans, and some kind of sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • He is often insulted by Stephen, and even by his subscribers.
  • Every Subscribers video has featured David in some sort of extreme pain
  • He has/had a strange almost romantic relationship with Valerie, a Siren.
  • A nickname given to him by Votesaxon07 subscribers was "Pregnant Ron Weasley"