Dreadnought is the working title for an upcoming subscribers video. It will be a sequel to The Infinity Loop and the first subscribers video not to feature Nadine Leslie or Colin Leslie. It is unknown when this video will be made as the last video was in celebration of 40,000 subscribers on the old channel, while the new channel does not have that amount yet to warrant another special yet.

Plot Edit

To be added.

Cast Edit

Stephen McCulla - Himself

David Bell - Himself

It is likely that Anthony Murney and Elisabeth King will join the cast, taking over the roles vacated by Nadine and Colin Leslie, but nothing has been confirmed thus far.

Production Edit

Stephen has indicated that the next subscribers video will be called Dreadnought several times on his social media sites. This is further indicated by the mid credits scene of The Infinity Loop where the Master places the destroyed Vortex Manipulator into a bag marked 'Project Dreadnought'