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Elisabeth King

Elisabeth King is a cast member on Votesaxon07. She is the partner of Stephen McCulla and has appeared in several videos.

History Edit

King has popped up in several videos since 2016, making her debut in the Doctor Who Bluetooth headphones review where she was one of the people to test the audio quality alongside David Bell.

She has notably taken over the role of The Fairy of Awesomeness, and the majority of female lead roles on the channel. She is often seen in videos disapproving of Stephen's madness and trying to keep him from going crazy. She is also the chief Lego builder, doing the time lapse build of the Lego Batman Movie toys. She also does some camera work for the channel, most prominently in the Ghostbusters: A Trip to New York documentary.

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King alongside McCulla and Murney as their Ghostbusters cosplay group.

Trivia Edit